Volvo XC60 – On the Way to Touch Your Hearts

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For over a decade Volvo has been trying its best to get into our mind, body and soul and it has finally succeeded by launching its new model XC60, the best premium SUV you must have seen till date, ready to be in a tough competition with all the other companies down there. 
Everyfamily’s choice
We have often seen companies like BMW, Audi, Range Rover and many other such SUV manufacturers coming up with such amazing SUV’s that we cannot even imagine about. But, let us not forget the fact that crossovers are made to deliver utility and that makes Volvo XC60 famous. Volvo XC60 has come down with the best features needed in an SUV and also with stylish curves and detailed design which is the most attractive part of any SUV. It has become a top choice SUV for families because of the unique vibes it provides people with.
Features of Volvo XC60
Performance: It is superb because an SUV giving 3.2 liter inline-6 engine with 240 HP and 236 feet of torque is just incredible. An automatic six-speed and front wheel drive options are standard whereas the All-wheel drive facility (AWD) is optional.
Safety matters: The safety provided by this SUV of Volvo is just fantastic. Volvo XC60 has antilock brakes, traction and stability control and front and side curtain air bags. Apart from this, it also has whiplash preventing front seats.
Design talks: Volvo’s effort of designing the perfect SUV comes true with Volvo XC60. It has a temperature control system along with a DVD based navigation system especially for IPod’s. It also has high seat cushions which give you the best comfort while you are seated.
Volvo XC60 stands up to all our expectations when it comes to an SUV. Then let’s go and grab one because the experiences for the best are often less.