Travel the History of Land Cruiser with Toyota

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When it comes to heavy duty cars then the name of Toyota comes first in the mind of any person who is aware of cars. This company has been able to come up with new and enhanced models every now and then. Most of the models have been prized by the people. Some of the vehicles that were once built by the company are now obsolete now. But a large number of people are still using them. One such model that is still in the heart of many people is Toyota Land Cruiser. In the history of automobiles it is the most rugged cars when compared to the other vehicles of similar type.

The journey of the company

The car has gone through various changes and improvements in the last 60 years.
The first car that was produced was just a prototype. It will help the National Police Reserve to carry out their task with ease.Toyota FJ Cruiser
It has been also seen that different variety of the car is sold in the American market. This product varies a lot from the one that is sold in the international market. The model that is prevalent in the roads of the United States is FJ Cruiser while the other that is sold in the other countries is known as Land Cruiser Prado.
It is also necessary to find out the evolution of the car in detail from the internet.

In the last 60 years the company has come up with at least 14 models that have been able to meet the needs of those people who love to drive the sports utility vehicles. The Land Cruiser by today has become a great hit these days as there are many advanced features in it. If a look is given at the market of United States of America it will found that owing a Land Cruiser have become a culture.