The Brand New Toyota RAV4

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Toyota, a Japanese multinational automaker has always given customers a satisfaction with the innovative automobiles.  From the all-encompassing Toyota Qualis to stylish Camry, the vehicles by Toyota are much applauded and receive great feedback from the audience it targeted. The same company is now launching a new car, the ‘Toyota RAV4’ that is predicted to be released in 2013.
After a long period of stable development, Toyota has finally taken some major steps to increase the quality of the new vehicle and provide their loyal customers with many more reasons to love them. Supposed Toyota have lost their traditional swing gate cargo door and introduced the stylish roof hinged lift gate. This compact crossover also has traded in the V6 and third row of seats for a six-speed transmission. Off-Road Contest.
The cargo area is said to be a tad bit less but this is easily covered up by its superb fuel efficiency and smooth ride. Even so, the Toyota RAV4 is up against some formidable opponents in its compact crossover sect such as the versatile Honda CR-V6 and powerful Mazda CX-5. The popular Ford Escape is another competitor to reckon with.
The look of the RAV4 has been revamped from previous Toyota Models. For better or the worse, it looks smaller because of the change in rear wheel poosition. However, this vehicle looks quite dominating due to chrome-coated grilles and plastic fangs that adorn its body. The actual vehicle itself is just very slightly smaller than previous versions. This difference is insignificant when applied to the size of a car.