GM Sets in Redesigning All Pick-up Line-ups

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It’s been roaming around that GM is all set in redesigning all of its existing and incoming pick-up trucks and in the list is its Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra pick-ups.

GM’s decision of redesigning has been getting around for the reason of offering better fuel economy for trucks and pick-up line ups. Not only GM trucks and pick-ups will have new chassis but also will be sporting new interior and exterior styling, a way too far from its previous styling concept. To make it a better choice for drivers, GM’s trucks will have improved aerodynamics and not to mention engine improvements to make it a lighter but high performance with an eight-speed automatic transmission. GM’s reaction is based on its decision to invest heavily on technology and thus boosts its campaign for fuel economy on its pick-up and trucks side.

It is expected to see more than 1500 newly redesigned pick-ups early this years and in the coming next year, another 2500 redesigned variants to reach dealer’s lots. All with new sheet metals and new cosmetics beaming with proud interior improvements.

With some tweaks on the grille and new hood and front fascia, GM fanatics won’t complain of getting too far from its general image as a one tough road pick-up. Expect to see the arrival of these light-duty 1500 trucks next year when GM starts delivering on dealer’s garage.

New Chassis and suspension plus some steering changes were given to GM’s Silverado and Sierrra 2010 models and a re-engineered diesel engine make this two GM’s pride to make grand entrance for the year 2010. However, both the Silverado and Sierra still have to go with this GM’s redesigning idea.

In the past, GM has been in recall troubles and financial crisis however, with newly build-up enthusiasm for GM’s trucks and pick-ups, the once trouble-gripped carmaker is now bouncing back to its top position. GM is all out in investing to technology to speed up its claim to a better and efficient fuel economy for its trucks and pick-up. With its redesigning decision, GM is keen on getting even more improved sales for its trucks and pick-ups. GM’s Silverado and Seirra generations are not giving its competitors a leeway of domineering the sales but more of giving them a tough competition. With GM’s redesigning move, car buyers can expect to own an efficient and better fuel economy GM trucks.