Off-Road Contests – What Are They?

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Basing from the name, off-road contests are events which are participated in by automobiles with certain modifications. Basically, these cars or automobiles are expected to compete with the other cars and they usually do these kinds of contest in the natural environments. Most of the time, motorists or drivers are expected to compete driving on hard and unpaved roads even in extreme and harsh conditions.

The roads which will be taken by these participating automobiles are usually covered with sands, stones, snow, rocks, and mud. As a matter of fact, any kind of terrain which you may want to think is all possible places where these types of competitions are to be held. Generally, the more difficult and challenging a terrain is the more skills the driver is required to have. Moreover, it is also a way by which the manufacturers of the competing automobiles are tested.

Of the many different off-road contests that are taking place, the Dakar Rally is considered as the most popular all over the world today. Its other name is also known as the Paris Dakar Rally. Although this kind of competition is called a rally, it is still considered as an endurance contest.
Since the evolution of this contest began in 1978, participants in the event are expected to undergo long distance driving. Usually, the start of their journey starts from France all the way to Dakar in Senegal.