AMSOIL Opens Cup with Largest Prize in History

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The AMSOIL Cup was first run in 2010 and featuring the competition between popular TORC PRO 2WD and PRO 4×4 trucks over 10 laps. What makes the playing field more even is the 12-second initial start handicap given to PRO 2WD trucks. Hord won last year while the inaugural title was claimed by Scott Douglas. With the recent Chairman’s Cup being held at the Crandon’s as a season opener this year (June 16), the excitement keeps on mounting for the upcoming AMSOIL Cup tournament.
In the Chairman’s Cup Brush Run, the race came down to a RAM/Mopar factory Pro2WD with Rob MacCashren claiming the win by outdriving a persistent Adrian Cenni of Real Tree Energy on a PRO 4x. Cenni lost his chance at claiming the cup when he busted out one of the rear tires and skidding off track after a top speed dash and eventually placing him behind MacCachren’s tracks.
Crandon International Off-Road Raceway’s Cliff Flannery also mentioned his excitement and gratitude to the continuing support of AMSOIL. In a statement, Flannery expressed Crandon’s enthusiasm about the partnership in promoting highly anticipated off-road projects. He acknowledged AMSOIL’s generous participation to the Crandon races. He also mentioned that drivers from all over the country join the Crandon fall events and that with the $40,000 first prize, the AMSOIL Cup has become an even bigger attraction.

Off-Road Contests – What Are They?2

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After the 2008 Dakar rally, the contest was moved to South America. This took place because of the security threats taking place in the different regions of Africa that has also caused the termination of the rally in that same year.

Off-road contests are open to beginners, amateurs, and professionals. However, it is very obvious that because of the different terrain and weather conditions during the contest, only the best ones are expected to finish the race. In the same way, the drivers that drive the best cars are also more likely to endure the different terrain conditions and will surely be the ones to finish the race.

People who are so much passionate and fascinated on off–road contests should also be familiar with the Taupo One Thousand Race in New Zealand. It is also a kind of endurance competition because it is a kind of stand-alone contest. This contest usually last for two days and it is also expected that the toughest and most resistant contestants can win in this game.

Off-Road Contests – What Are They?

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Basing from the name, off-road contests are events which are participated in by automobiles with certain modifications. Basically, these cars or automobiles are expected to compete with the other cars and they usually do these kinds of contest in the natural environments. Most of the time, motorists or drivers are expected to compete driving on hard and unpaved roads even in extreme and harsh conditions.

The roads which will be taken by these participating automobiles are usually covered with sands, stones, snow, rocks, and mud. As a matter of fact, any kind of terrain which you may want to think is all possible places where these types of competitions are to be held. Generally, the more difficult and challenging a terrain is the more skills the driver is required to have. Moreover, it is also a way by which the manufacturers of the competing automobiles are tested.

Of the many different off-road contests that are taking place, the Dakar Rally is considered as the most popular all over the world today. Its other name is also known as the Paris Dakar Rally. Although this kind of competition is called a rally, it is still considered as an endurance contest.
Since the evolution of this contest began in 1978, participants in the event are expected to undergo long distance driving. Usually, the start of their journey starts from France all the way to Dakar in Senegal.

Off-Road Breaking News

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The 2012 Bakuriani International Off-Road Contest was successfully held in Georgia earlier in February. The recent driving contest was participated by more than 30 countries from around the world.  The main competition was composed of several categories including the extreme, monster and standard class competition. In the extreme category, Armenian driver successfully won in the division. Meanwhile, Gary Gasparyan was able to achieve the victory in the standard class division. The Mitsubishi Pajero 3 stands out among other off-road vehicles in the said competition. A Jeep Wrangler was considered as the most powerful vehicle to win the extreme-class category. Ludwig Ermazyan from Armenia was able to defeat 20 teams in the recent off-road challenge in Georgia. The most dominating team in the event was from the country of Armenia. The winning Armenian team was fully supported by the Beeline trademark company or also called ArmenTel.
Meanwhile, the ACU 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship was attended by several off-road racers from different parts of the world. The successful event was able to showcase some famous American racer like Ricky Dietrich. The enduro racing features the Enduro World Championship.
In other news, the 2012 King of Hammer Championship title was captured by Erick Miller, followed by Rick Mooneyham. Shannon Campbell ended at the third spot of the recent off-road competition. Graham Jarvis claimed the championship title and called as the King of Motors in desert enduro racing held in Southern California. The recent event was a huge success for the entire off-road racing community.
Charlie Mullins is currently the champion at the GNCC series off-road motorcycle competition. The young motorcycle driver achieved the 2012 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country championship. Despite of the tough competition over the years, Mullins is the first off-road racer to reclaim the title after 4 years. He was able to compete with many off-road motorcycle racers in the past and has been active for more than 7 years now.
Justin Davis recently earned the 2011 Dirt Sports Rookie of the year after the incredible performance last year. He also gained a nomination for the Dirt Sports Driver of the Year, although he was unable to win the award. Davis of General Tires earned the recognition by the age of 18. Davis was very thankful for General Tires for supporting his career. On the other hand, Carl Renezeder joined Davis as one of the recipients in the yearly Dirt Sports awards.

Major Off-Road Competition News

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Earlier this month, the 2012 King of the Hammers Champion was awarded to Erik Miller of Maryland, USA. Miller earned the famous title after completing more than 150 miles in the Johnson Valley field. He was able to finish a brutal course and successfully defeated more than 60 racing drivers in the said racing off-road racing event. The Johnson Valley is considered the largest field in history according to the promoter of the off-road racing challenge.  There were several obstacles along the way, but Miller was able to overcome the challenge and competitively ended the course for the huge win. Rick Mooneyham of Arizona finished at second place, while Shannon Campbell came for the third sport.
Meanwhile, Graham Jarvis was named as the 2012 King of Motors in the invite-only off-road race held at the Johnson Valley. The English enduro racer successfully earned the title after completing the challenging desert race. Jarvis is known for his undisputed enduro skills, which led him to grab the victory on the said off-road competition. The King of Motors is the first-ever motor race that was attended by almost 20 of the most excellent off-road racers in the industry today. The first-ever off-road competition is certainly considered as a motorcycle survival race in a literal manner.  The 79-mile course was the most brutal field that has heavy duty and high speed rock-crawl segments. During the event, the off-road racers were unable to seek for an outside help except for the spectator’s full support. On the other hand, Kyle Redmond entered as the second placer. Redmond was one of the most competitive racers in the event but had only achieved second due to the GPS breakage. Meanwhile, Destry Abbot came in last at the end of the course.
The 2012 Best in the Desert Parker 425 Champion was handed to Robby Gordon. The off-road contest was held at the most brutal terrain in Arizona. The 141-mile loop off-road challenge is the 41st race in the most legendary racing event. Gordon was able to drive the Class 1500 truggy designed by Geiser Brothers. Troy Herbst took the second place, while Mark Weyhrich grabs the third overall spot. Ray Griffith, who also drove the Class 1500, became the fourth overall champion in the BITD Parker 425 off-road challenge. The Mint 400 will be the next major racing event to be held in Las Vegas within this year. Based on reports, there are six more scheduled off-road BITD racing competition to look forward to in the coming months.