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Nissan Will Integrate Their New Tire Pressure Warning System on their New Models. Checking the condition and pressure of tires ought to be one of the daily tasks of the driver before revving up the engine and stepping the accelerator. But in reality, not all drivers are thoroughly checking their tires in every trip, thus following the recommended once a week check-up on their tire’s condition. Also, if set for a long journey, drivers only have the chance to check their tire during stop-over or if they decide to pull-over.  The condition of the tire is usually ignored unless its five years old and above, but not that they know of, tires are vital in any driver’s safety once he/she is holding the steering wheel.

You will be surely amazed about the new invention of Nissan wherein it will definitely address the little but significant concern about tires mentioned earlier. Nissan released their fresh “easy fill tire alert system”. This innovative tire alert system serves as a control module that comes with tire-pressure system that warns and gives alert to drivers when the tires have low-pressure. Some models of Nissan cars will also display real-time tire pressure that will be placed with style in the car’s dashboard. How cool is that! With this alert system, the driver can monitor all the tire needs in just a single glance while driving. Off-Road Contests.