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Once the driver receives the alert that the tire has low pressure, still, it will be their responsibility to pump up the tire, the usual way. As they do the process, and the air starts to fill in the tire, the four-way flashers of the vehicle will appear to affirm the process of pressure increase has commenced, and when it reached the certain pressure level, the car’s horn will automatically give appropriate sound to let the driver knows that the tire has been completely inflated.  Once they keep letting the tires filled with air, the horn will produce more aggressive honks to give them serious alarms.

There are lots of advantages in having

properly inflated tires. In fact, it has a direct effect on your car’s miles coverage per gallon of diesel. This signifies that you can save a lot of fuel with the help of this tire alarm system. According to the latest study conducted by the Department of Energy in US, cars that have properly monitored tires can increase their mileage by 3.3 %. It always pays to care about your tires and to your car as a whole. This one of a kind tire alarm system will be integrated by Nissan to their models from 2013 and beyond.