The 2012 Dodge Dakota

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One of the most anticipated pickup trucks for this year is the 2012 Dodge Dakota. This new truck is one of the newest Dodge Ram model lineups to compete against rival brands this year.  The new Dodge Dakota truck is going to face its solid competitors like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and the Chevrolet Canyon. Despite of the tough competition over the years, Dodge was able to overcome many difficulties in the market. Dakota has gone through radical changes through these past few years in order to maintain its position in the global industry. There have been several revisions and updates on the new pickup truck model. On the other hand, the 2012 Dodge Dakota is more expensive compared to its previous models. The entry-level full size truck model called the Ram 1500 is seemed to be faced out with the introduction of the new Dodge Dakota pickup truck.
So what’s new with the 2012 Dodge Dakota? There have been better features that are added in the new model truck. It is also noted that some of these features are not visible in the older models. There are several highlights of the new Dodge Dakota including the 6-speaker Alpine System, a keyless entry controlled via key fob, and the addition of the new Sirius satellite radio feature. Due to the shortage of the company’s manpower, outsourced workers were hired to complete this new project. The platform of the new Dakota is going to be based from the minivan type of vehicle. Meanwhile, some critics profusely said that the platform is based from the Jeep Scrambler model.
The Dodge Dakota’s first model was introduced in the late 80s. During that time, Dodge Dakota is the most popular pickup truck among other brands like the Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi-Ram 50. Today, the 2012 Dodge Dakota has climbed over the mountain and marked its name as a lifestyle truck. However, the sales of Dodge Dakota are significantly decreasing over the years with the lowest sales of below 60,000 units. The average sales of the Dodge Dakota since 1992 are at least 100,000 units every year. The 2012 Dodge Dakota has a 4-cylinder V6 and V8 engines. Meanwhile, the Dakota’s platform is a set of dimensions, rather than a set of parts. Each year, Dakota becomes heavier and dramatically expensive. The 2012 Dodge Dakota boasts a reasonable fuel economy, improved handling, and sufficient power.