Renting a Car in Italy

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I guess since you are currently asking about a car rental in Italy you have made a research and you have found out that the public transport is not fulfilling your need. A friend of mine was in Italy a couple of years ago and to tell he was really pleased with car rental companies. I don’t remember the name of the company he used, but I think it was Hertz – after all they are worldwide famous and they have proven their qualities lots of times. 

There are some important tips you need to know about the major car companies in Italy. First of all you need to know what is included in your car rental and what is not. By signing with a car rental company you will get unlimited mileage and fire insurance plus liability insurance for damages and injuries of the persons outside the vehicle. Also have in mind that the rental includes Theft Protection for the vehicle you are currently renting.The rental also includes Collision Damage coverage.

The rental does not include gasoline or diesel and you are expected to return the car with a full fuel tank plus you need to retain the copies of the gas receipts. Of course there is a pre-paid fuel option and in this case you can return the car with empty tank but have in mind that there is no refund for the unused fuel. By the way there is a road tax in Italy and it is approximately 4 euros per day – the maximum charge is 20 days. Plus there are additional taxes if you are going to use highways.

Now I will tell you a few words about the cars. Unfortunately I can’t give you exact prices or things like this but I know one thing that is going to be 100 % true. If you are going to rent a car and if you are not a pretentious type then I would recommend you to rent an Italian one. Since you are in Italy you may expect that their cars will be cheaper than the prices for rent for a foreign car. So clear your mind and pick Fiat or Alfa Romeo.

By the way I don’t know where you have accommodated in Rome but if you haven’t made a reservation yet I would suggest you to rent Apartment in Rome – if you search closely you might be able to find even cheaper apartments than Apartment Milan or apartment Florence which are known as cities that are offering cheap apartments.
I’m pretty sure that if you read closely everything I wrote you will be able to clear your mind and choose the best renting company and car. But anyway have in mind that renting a car is really expensive and the country doesn’t matter here. Prepare some extra money because when you pay for the rent you will have to pay for gas, fees and so on. I think that is all.

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