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Earlier this month, the 2012 King of the Hammers Champion was awarded to Erik Miller of Maryland, USA. Miller earned the famous title after completing more than 150 miles in the Johnson Valley field. He was able to finish a brutal course and successfully defeated more than 60 racing drivers in the said racing off-road racing event. The Johnson Valley is considered the largest field in history according to the promoter of the off-road racing challenge.  There were several obstacles along the way, but Miller was able to overcome the challenge and competitively ended the course for the huge win. Rick Mooneyham of Arizona finished at second place, while Shannon Campbell came for the third sport.
Meanwhile, Graham Jarvis was named as the 2012 King of Motors in the invite-only off-road race held at the Johnson Valley. The English enduro racer successfully earned the title after completing the challenging desert race. Jarvis is known for his undisputed enduro skills, which led him to grab the victory on the said off-road competition. The King of Motors is the first-ever motor race that was attended by almost 20 of the most excellent off-road racers in the industry today. The first-ever off-road competition is certainly considered as a motorcycle survival race in a literal manner.  The 79-mile course was the most brutal field that has heavy duty and high speed rock-crawl segments. During the event, the off-road racers were unable to seek for an outside help except for the spectator’s full support. On the other hand, Kyle Redmond entered as the second placer. Redmond was one of the most competitive racers in the event but had only achieved second due to the GPS breakage. Meanwhile, Destry Abbot came in last at the end of the course.
The 2012 Best in the Desert Parker 425 Champion was handed to Robby Gordon. The off-road contest was held at the most brutal terrain in Arizona. The 141-mile loop off-road challenge is the 41st race in the most legendary racing event. Gordon was able to drive the Class 1500 truggy designed by Geiser Brothers. Troy Herbst took the second place, while Mark Weyhrich grabs the third overall spot. Ray Griffith, who also drove the Class 1500, became the fourth overall champion in the BITD Parker 425 off-road challenge. The Mint 400 will be the next major racing event to be held in Las Vegas within this year. Based on reports, there are six more scheduled off-road BITD racing competition to look forward to in the coming months.

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