Jeep Cherokee- Controversy Caused by the Name

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A new story was published in the New York Times, and the story tells us about the issue of ethnically charged product names.  They have focused their attention at this time towards the auto industry. Chrysler has used the name Cherokee for the latest model of Jeep Cherokee. In this story, the writer Glen Collins tells the readers about the new Jeep that has a name with a controversy. In the story, the writer goes to the extent of revealing the auto industry’s history about using culturally insensitive names, political incorrect names as well as advertisements.
Continues with the story
The representatives of Chrysler say that the name Cherokee was not meant to offend anybody. It has to be noted that the company has not yet received any kind of complaints or feedbacks relating to the name they have used for their product. Later, Cherokee Nation’s (Oklahoma) spokesperson said that their group always have opposed stereotypes and have always encouraged sports teams and schools for the purpose of dropping offensive mascots. According to the spokesperson, they have not been criticizing Jeep Cherokee for its name.
What to say about it officially?
It is understood that officially, the group do not find the name as a major problem. But according to the spokesman Amanda Clinton, the manufacturers could have consulting them before naming the vehicle.
It has to be noted that Cherokee has been the name of Jeep product for many years. The company has been keeping of from controversies from any side. It has been seen that reviews on Cherokee would first point towards the name. But the need for describing the performance of this new generation XJ need to be concentrated the most than looking towards the controversy part. This model would definitely give a wonderful riding experience to the auto lovers all round the globe.

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