Have a Look at the Concept of Italdesign Giugairo Parcour

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There can be no better gift than the blue sapphire stone in the 45th anniversary. It is very hard to imagine the car blog readers to crave any story like that. Italdesign Guigiaro is planning to celebrate their 45th anniversary in great fashion this year. To make the people shout in astonish they are launching their all time best model, the Parcour concept. The design that they have created to mark this special year is really an interesting one.

About the origin of the design

The name of the car came after a activity that is practiced in the urban regions of France. The original spelling of the name is “parkour”. The people taking part in the activity throw their body against the railings and walls. It can be well related to anti-gravity ballet. All the moves are freestyle in nature. This show also sometimes shown in online channels like YouTube.
The car was tested at Sardinia. It is a small island and is best for driving this cool car. The creators of the design have kept the concept of parkouring at time of conceptualizing the design of the car.
The Parcour is a result of long time research of the designing team. It is a long time since they created a running prototype. It cost them almost million dollars.
They had to come up with the new model as they have also felt the threat of the global economic crisis.
They have also allowed Volkswagen to buy a good portion of their stake. This has been a wise decision on part of the authorities. This makes the future of their dream factory secure.

But the dealings between the two partners have never affected their private drives. Guigiaro has all the right to carry out innovative ventures independently.

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