How to Change Fuel Pump

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Many experienced drivers have had a deal with faulty fuel pump. Fuel pumps usually fail after 100,000 miles of run but sometimes it can happen after 60,000 miles. It is worth noting that Aeromotive Fuel Systems & Components have great reliability and long lifespan as much as 100,000 miles and more.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump

A lot of drivers call a mechanic to replace fuel pump but others do it by themselves. Replacing fuel system is not quite difficult especially if you follow next steps.

Step 1. Locating the old fuel pump

Big things start with small steps. That’s why the first step you need to do is to determine the location of your fuel pump. There are two types of pumps: in-tank and inline. In-tank pumps are located inside the fuel tank and the inline ones are usually placed underneath the car in front of the tank.

Step 2. Removing the fuel pump

  • In-tank fuel pumps can be removed from inside the car through an access panel in the trunk. In other way it can be removed from bottom of the back seat. Firstly you should disconnect fuel line. There is only one line which is placed on the pump’s top. Then disconnect electrical wires and remove the pump.
  • Inline fuel pumps are located outside the fuel tank that’s why to remove it you should just unscrew few bolts. But there is a sleeve that protects this type of pumps and it should be removed too. Firstly disconnect 2 fuel lines and then electrical wires as well. Then you can remove pump from the sleeve. Pay attention that during the process pump may leak some fuel, so it is recommended to have some cans or basins to catch it.

Fuel Pump Replacement

Step 3. New fuel pump installation

Before installation of new fuel pump make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle model. The installation won’t be difficult – you should make all moves that you do to remove the fuel pump but conversely. After connecting electrical wires and fuel lines your job will be done.

Fuel Pump Installation

7 SUV parts and accessories giving a finishing touch to your vehicle

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Typically, when you buy an SUV, the vehicle is equipped with all the primary functional parts. Even though they definitely ensure the functionality of your vehicle, they may not give it the style and personality it really deserves. Only you can breathe life into your own vehicle, so we decided to pay your attention to some SUV parts and accessories that might help you get started. Those are mostly minor interior parts enhancing your driving experience.

suv accessories

Floor mats

Floor mat is a vivid example of an accessory no one notices if it fits the style of your vehicle. Yet, an old, or weird, or an out-of-style mat is an eyesore, and it is impossible not to notice it any time you open your vehicle door.

Cargo liners

Basically, the same thing goes for cargo liners. Trunks can sometimes get pretty messy, and cargo liners are designed to help you solve this problem. If you want to keep your trunk clean and undamaged, getting a cargo liner in time is an excellent idea – you will be able to save a lot of time and effort while tidying up.

Roof racks

roof racks

A roof rack is another accessory that can give your vehicle a style of its own and bring superior functionality. Even if you are not going to use it all the time, you should still choose a rack(s) that will not ‘cripple’ your vehicle, and look natural. All in all, there are plenty of options, and if you would like some specific examples, take a look at

Seat covers

One more accessory that can change the look and feel of your car is a seat cover. Seat covers offer a great chance to show what you care about and create a cozy atmosphere in your vehicle. The options are virtually unlimited – both in terms of material and in terms of color. The most popular materials include leather, velour, and neoprene. Color range does not have any limits at all, so use your imagination!

Trailer hitches

Surely, not everyone uses a trailer, but if you do, it is better to think about a trailer hitch beforehand. Depending on your goals, you can choose between weight carrying and weight-distributing hitches. The first ones forward the weight to the suspension, while the latter ones distribute some of it to your front wheels.


Once again it is important to stress how great it is when the car is not messy. If you want to keep everything in order all the time, get a couple of organizers for your vehicle. Typically, such accessories include mini-trash bags, pocket pods, consoles, and other accessories, helping you to keep your SUV tidy.

Bike racks

Finally, if you enjoy a nice bike ride somewhere in the wild from time to time, you might want to get special bike racks. Most drivers install them on the roof, yet we would recommend clamping the bike fork to the rear wheel of your vehicle. It is much safer, handy, and simply nicer from the esthetic point of view.
Surely, this list can be continued. Yet, we want to pay your attention to some accessories drivers typically forget. There are plenty of ways to customize your vehicle interior and exterior, as SUVs can be equipped with audio and stereo systems, custom gadgets, navigators, etc. If you want to get more information about SUV parts and accessories, visit our website section at CARiD:

Highlander Gets SpongeBob Square Pants Theme in Vegas

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Scion xB and Toyota highlander are somehow the similar concepts. However, the news has come up that Toyota has made this Highlander a nest vehicle so far in the market. Besides, it’s all new redesigned model is another eye catching part of the whole show which was released in New York. Sources reveal that the car as nicely designed with cartoons like SpongeBob Square pants and lot many kids and families as well.
About Toyota Highlander
This is a family friendly car which is also said to be the mid-size crossover and is known for better space and good convenience. It is available in 4, 6 cylinder hybrid to make the choice from. The car has been designed with the SpongeBob theme that will make its first appearance at the SEMA show and then would be launched at LA Auto Show.
Features to know
Cargo cover
Second-row reading lamps
Trip computer
Large LCD screen for the dash
Roof rails
Good interior space
The news to be Unrevealed
It seems that to make Toyota Highlander an attractive model in the show, Nickelodeon and Toyota collaborated together to make sure that every part of the car gets colored up and looks an ultra-new design model. The car is all painted with the yellow cartoon sponge and this seems to be with the theme of more of aquatic concept. We all hope that this design would certainly be a huge hit at the SEMA show. The credit for this type of design goes to the designers who have previously worked on Animal Planet and Fortune 500 companies and many more.
With such a unique theme and good designing concept, certainly this model is going to create a blast in coming years especially at the popular shows like LA and SEMA shows. So let us hope that along with the theme, the car gets more popularity for the features which it is offering to the customers.

Reboot Buggy to Born Again

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Looking at the advancement in science and technology, it seems that now the one vehicle will soon be running on the road. It is one of the best forms of transportation which has been proved out to be the pollution free and also the best in terms of fuel efficient. Yes! It is the Reboot Buggy with all new advanced features, gadgets and technology that has power up and is back in action.
The Previous Version
In olden times, the car was known for the better replacement for horse and buggy. However, now it has become one of the best fuel efficient yet form of transportation with minimum technical issues. You can drive it out on the streets and also enjoy the on-road environment.
Features to look around
Good quality tires
40-inch tires
Long-travel suspension
470 horsepower
Expected changes
Such type of car is designed with an intention keeping the driver and passengers safety concerns in mind. It offers and caters the people from one place to another with hardly any kind of concerns and is quite easy to use too. The car is designed specially to capture the essence of the driving and thus enjoy the vehicle and its designs. The replacement of engine is also made with the chassis designs.
Looking at so many changes, we hope that the car is certainly a positive advantage for the users and provide put to be an interesting concept that would have come so far. So grab the seatbelt toe joy its amazing test drive. For more of its images and galleries you can check out the online websites where you can closely watch out all its new concepts and designs that are soon expected to be launched in the market. If not then, surely you are missing out the biggest things.

Land Rover LR3 – The Luxurious SUV that is Built to Last

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Land Rover has been known for its discoveries in the SUV segment. The company came up with its first discovery in the year 1989 in Europe. The SUVs were not having a big market at that time but later on the SUVs became the talk of the town. Land Rover LR3 is one such feather in the company’s cap that adds to its success rate. This luxury SUV is different from its previous discoveries and it can be said that it is far better that all the previous discoveries.
Land Rover LR3 – At a glance
LR3 is the right combination of the style and solidarity. The SUV is built on the sturdy steel frame. The solid structure is good but it increases the weight of the SUV considerably and that may become the matter of trouble while carrying out dynamic stunts or turns. The steering wheel also feels heavier while controlling the heavy mass. The performance of this luxurious SUV is good with the all-aluminum V8 engine and that can be very well observed in its drive.
The modifications may help
Land Rover is smaller than the popular Range Rover, but the modified engine of 4.4 L from the original 4 L has made this SUV quite capable. It may be good to tow 7700 pounds of mass and the tall design makes it run through all terrains. LR3 has been equipped with air suspension that works well for uneven terrains as well. The powerful SUV can be taken up the boulders in just one blow. The seven seater SUV also has foldable seats in both mid and last rows that may change this passenger vehicle to cargo vehicle conveniently.
It can be very well said that Land Rover LR3 has taken up the luxurious SUV segment into new era.

Travel the History of Land Cruiser with Toyota

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When it comes to heavy duty cars then the name of Toyota comes first in the mind of any person who is aware of cars. This company has been able to come up with new and enhanced models every now and then. Most of the models have been prized by the people. Some of the vehicles that were once built by the company are now obsolete now. But a large number of people are still using them. One such model that is still in the heart of many people is Toyota Land Cruiser. In the history of automobiles it is the most rugged cars when compared to the other vehicles of similar type.

The journey of the company

The car has gone through various changes and improvements in the last 60 years.
The first car that was produced was just a prototype. It will help the National Police Reserve to carry out their task with ease.Toyota FJ Cruiser
It has been also seen that different variety of the car is sold in the American market. This product varies a lot from the one that is sold in the international market. The model that is prevalent in the roads of the United States is FJ Cruiser while the other that is sold in the other countries is known as Land Cruiser Prado.
It is also necessary to find out the evolution of the car in detail from the internet.

In the last 60 years the company has come up with at least 14 models that have been able to meet the needs of those people who love to drive the sports utility vehicles. The Land Cruiser by today has become a great hit these days as there are many advanced features in it. If a look is given at the market of United States of America it will found that owing a Land Cruiser have become a culture.

Ford Aiming For Value Shoppers – Plans F150 Super Crew

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Ford is an established brand worldwide and this time it has unveiled the new F150 Super Crew which is much more affordable rather can say a value oriented truck for the Ford buyers. The truck is aimed for the first time buyer or value conscious people. The vehicle slots between an entry level XL and upscale XLT trim lines. So, what surprises are packed for you let’s find it out. Plans Ford F150 Super Crew. f1513_models

Size Matters: The sole configuration is huge and great, something more solid that you can find in this car. The look and feel is tough. It is a good job done by pulling out the muscles. It comes with a jumbo 6.2 Liters V8 engine that gives you a great driving boost. The model is equipped with a sports package with a tubular running boards, black billet grille, and twenty inch aluminum wheels. It has two toned seats and unique body side graphics. The car features with extra interior space, cloth seats and four full sized doors.

Standard Features: The car comes with the standard combination of cloth/leather upholstery with FM/CD/AM stereo, cell phone connectivity, reverse sensing system, HID lights and aluminum running boards.

Safety Features: It comes with front side, dual front and full length side curtain bags with added stability control and traction system and electronic brake force distribution.

Available in the variety of features, color and of course price range depending on the model you choose. Certainly it is a value for money car that is surely going to please the car owners. Equipped with new style, interior, performance and price the car is sure to give a tough time to its pals. It is more fuel efficient, born with the tough look it is worth having it whether you are getting it for a domestic use or for work purpose.

Toyoto Hilux – Pleasurable Driving Guaranteed

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Toyoto Hilux roughness perfectly matches with those who have an appetite for the adventure.  The car is a robust combination of the sleek lines and tough chassis that truly puts the elegance on its own. The vehicle has earned its reputation of travelling the world. Toyoto Hilux reaches those corners of the world where no other car hasn’t dared yet. From the deserts of Africa to the deep jungles of Latin America it is the first ever car to go on the road trip.

Style and Substance
The vehicle is a legendary performer along with receiving a smart look. It features with new types of rear and front lights, heated side electric side mirrors, bold new grille, rear camera monitor, upgraded alloy wheels, side steps and HL3.

Luxurious Interior
Known for rugged performance and given the tough looks, the interiors are the coolest. The comfort that you sit and enjoy the drive is at par. It has enhanced dashboards; amazing leather fabric seating, sleek and glossy interior feels nice to touch.

Touch & Go Experience
This brawny beast comes with much more indoor amenities such as full multimedia experience with complete connectivity package such as”

6.1 touch screen interface for everything that your sat nav to your iPod
Weather forecast application
Speed and safety camera warning
Advanced iPod connection
Parking space finder
Live fuel prices
Rear view camera
Google local search

Tagged as unbreakable car, Toyoto Hilux is known for delivering the promise. So, no matter whether you have to take the car to the snow capped mountains or cross some deserts or it is rocky plateau you are worried about, with Toyoto Hilux everything is possible and smooth going. The car is equipped with all the latest amenities; hence expect it to be available at an expensive price tag.

Have a Look at the Concept of Italdesign Giugairo Parcour

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There can be no better gift than the blue sapphire stone in the 45th anniversary. It is very hard to imagine the car blog readers to crave any story like that. Italdesign Guigiaro is planning to celebrate their 45th anniversary in great fashion this year. To make the people shout in astonish they are launching their all time best model, the Parcour concept. The design that they have created to mark this special year is really an interesting one.

About the origin of the design

The name of the car came after a activity that is practiced in the urban regions of France. The original spelling of the name is “parkour”. The people taking part in the activity throw their body against the railings and walls. It can be well related to anti-gravity ballet. All the moves are freestyle in nature. This show also sometimes shown in online channels like YouTube.
The car was tested at Sardinia. It is a small island and is best for driving this cool car. The creators of the design have kept the concept of parkouring at time of conceptualizing the design of the car.
The Parcour is a result of long time research of the designing team. It is a long time since they created a running prototype. It cost them almost million dollars.
They had to come up with the new model as they have also felt the threat of the global economic crisis.
They have also allowed Volkswagen to buy a good portion of their stake. This has been a wise decision on part of the authorities. This makes the future of their dream factory secure.

But the dealings between the two partners have never affected their private drives. Guigiaro has all the right to carry out innovative ventures independently.

See the Round Number 8 Being Dominated by a 15 Year Old Boy

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Once again it has been proved that age does not matter in sports. Sheldon Creed, a young lad of just 15 years have dominated the ultimate 6 laps of the Honda Indy that was held in Toronto. He is from Alpine, Calif. Have a view of some of the main events of the race. 

The weather of the place was amazing even on the second day of the race. The whole race took place in the temporary constructed stadium that is known by the name Speed Energy Stadium. This was the round eight of the competition.
The line of round 8 was determined by inverting the completion times of round 7 that was held on Saturday. Paul Tracy, who is a native of Toronto, started the race from the pole position.
As soon as the green flag gave the signal the Tracy took a good move to come to the leading position. He was driving a SportsNet truck. But he has to give up the lead within a short time as he was overtaken by Jones.  He was driving the powerful American Racing Wheels truck. Tracy gave up the fierce battle soon and settled in the behind Jones.
Creed raced steadily and managed to leave behind Jones in the third lap. He took the help of the jump section in the 1.75 mile course. Jones tried to apply constant pressure by banging the back of the Traxxas truck that Creed was driving.
As a result of this both the drivers came to the verge of losing the con tact of their cars very often. But eventually they were able to regain their position without stopping the race. A a result the front side of Jones’ truck was heavily damaged. This forced him to come out of the track to get the truck repaired.

This was his first victory in the super trucks category. The best thing about his victory is that it came in a convincing fashion.