How to Change Fuel Pump

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Many experienced drivers have had a deal with faulty fuel pump. Fuel pumps usually fail after 100,000 miles of run but sometimes it can happen after 60,000 miles. It is worth noting that Aeromotive Fuel Systems & Components have great reliability and long lifespan as much as 100,000 miles and more.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump

A lot of drivers call a mechanic to replace fuel pump but others do it by themselves. Replacing fuel system is not quite difficult especially if you follow next steps.

Step 1. Locating the old fuel pump

Big things start with small steps. That’s why the first step you need to do is to determine the location of your fuel pump. There are two types of pumps: in-tank and inline. In-tank pumps are located inside the fuel tank and the inline ones are usually placed underneath the car in front of the tank.

Step 2. Removing the fuel pump

  • In-tank fuel pumps can be removed from inside the car through an access panel in the trunk. In other way it can be removed from bottom of the back seat. Firstly you should disconnect fuel line. There is only one line which is placed on the pump’s top. Then disconnect electrical wires and remove the pump.
  • Inline fuel pumps are located outside the fuel tank that’s why to remove it you should just unscrew few bolts. But there is a sleeve that protects this type of pumps and it should be removed too. Firstly disconnect 2 fuel lines and then electrical wires as well. Then you can remove pump from the sleeve. Pay attention that during the process pump may leak some fuel, so it is recommended to have some cans or basins to catch it.

Fuel Pump Replacement

Step 3. New fuel pump installation

Before installation of new fuel pump make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle model. The installation won’t be difficult – you should make all moves that you do to remove the fuel pump but conversely. After connecting electrical wires and fuel lines your job will be done.

Fuel Pump Installation