Land Rover LR3 – The Luxurious SUV that is Built to Last

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Land Rover has been known for its discoveries in the SUV segment. The company came up with its first discovery in the year 1989 in Europe. The SUVs were not having a big market at that time but later on the SUVs became the talk of the town. Land Rover LR3 is one such feather in the company’s cap that adds to its success rate. This luxury SUV is different from its previous discoveries and it can be said that it is far better that all the previous discoveries.
Land Rover LR3 – At a glance
LR3 is the right combination of the style and solidarity. The SUV is built on the sturdy steel frame. The solid structure is good but it increases the weight of the SUV considerably and that may become the matter of trouble while carrying out dynamic stunts or turns. The steering wheel also feels heavier while controlling the heavy mass. The performance of this luxurious SUV is good with the all-aluminum V8 engine and that can be very well observed in its drive.
The modifications may help
Land Rover is smaller than the popular Range Rover, but the modified engine of 4.4 L from the original 4 L has made this SUV quite capable. It may be good to tow 7700 pounds of mass and the tall design makes it run through all terrains. LR3 has been equipped with air suspension that works well for uneven terrains as well. The powerful SUV can be taken up the boulders in just one blow. The seven seater SUV also has foldable seats in both mid and last rows that may change this passenger vehicle to cargo vehicle conveniently.
It can be very well said that Land Rover LR3 has taken up the luxurious SUV segment into new era.