Small Pickup Truck

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This small pickup truck also comes with real engine sounds and they are played and heard over a speaker. It also offers a compartment for storage underneath the seat.  As for the lighting features, this little Ford toy truck comes with working lights. If your child weighs not more than 44 pounds then rest assured that this magnificent toy truck from Fisher-Price and Ford can carry your child.

The Ford toy truck F-250 seems to look like its real version, which is found in most Ford dealership shops and centers. Like the real one, this toy truck also comes with big and beefy wheels made of plastic. The wheels also come with big chrome grilles and 4 big square headlights. Those are the similarities of the real Ford truck and the ford toy truck. While the real truck can bought in 6.7 L turbodiesel V8 and 6.2 L V8, the toy F-250 is only powered by a child’s feet.

The Ford toy truck is a cool collection indeed but there wasn’t a word yet that came from Fisher-Price and Ford as to whether or not they will also take time developing a Platinum trim version that was given to the real one where it will be launched for the 2013 Super Duty F-Series.

Fisher-Price Launches Lifelike Ford Toy Truck

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Sometime this late April, the smallest and super duty truck was introduced by Fisher-Price to the public and captured a great attention and recognition among the spectators.   Vehicle enthusiasts have gathered altogether in the launching event of the said smallest truck ever, which has also struck not only the attention of the grownups but the senses of the kids as well!

The small truck was produced by Fisher-Price in collaboration with one of the giants in motor manufacturing, the Ford Motor Company. The smallest truck is not like the ones you see on the streets and on the road. This one is small in the sense that it is intended as a toy. However, aesthetically, you will come to perceive it as something like a real truck but only its size segregates it from the real ones.

The introduction of the smallest truck was made possible by the collaboration of two famous companies, Fisher-Price and Ford. The toy was developed and has captured the attention of adults and much more to the delight of kids. What is really great and cool about this smallest truck is the fact that it is rideable. In fact, it is the toy version and replica of the famous Ford Super Heavy Duty truck.